DIR EN GREY - Vulgar jV
DIR EN GREY - The Final
DIR EN GREY - Child Prey
DIR EN GREY - embryo
DIR EN GREY - Kasumi
DIR EN GREY - Drain Away
DIR EN GREY - Average Fury
DIR EN GREY - 5 Ugly Kingdom
DIR EN GREY - Tour 00>01
DIR EN GREY - Average Blasphemy
DIR EN GREY - A knot of
DIR EN GREY - The Rose Trims Again
DIR EN GREY - Ain't afraid to die
DIR EN GREY - [KR]cube
DIR EN GREY - Taiyo no ao
DIR EN GREY - ~if trans... Mechanism for leave - unknown ...despair...a lost~

Girugamesh - Music
Girugamesh - crazy crazy crazy
Girugamesh - Go

MUCC - Ame no Orchestra
MUCC - Houmura Uta
MUCC - Kyutai
MUCC - Karma
MUCC - Hoyoku

Deluhi - Revolver Blast
Deluhi - Yggdalive
Deluhi - Two Hurt
Deluhi - The Farthest
Deluhi - Departure

DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - One
DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - Aozora Hare-tio
DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - Pocket Rocket
DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - Dog Zero Star
DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - Title To Be Determined
DOG in THE Parallel World Orchestra - Wonder x Wonder

Lady GaGa - The Fame
Lady GaGa - The Fame Monster
Lady GaGa - Born This Way
Lady GaGa - Disco Heaven

Rammstein - Liebe ist für alle da

BoA - US Vol. 1

2ne1 - Mini Album
2ne1 - To Anyone

GD & TOP Vol.1

Hello everyone♥

I'd like  to intodruce myself :3
I have this journal for a long time, but I never used it u_u~
So I think I make this journal for my personal Japanese Fashion Blog :3

My name is Yuki. I'm from Switzerland and I'm 16 years old.
And this is my picture:

Hear I wore my Dolly Wink No.1&No.7♥
I'd like to make a make-up tutorial :D
Sometimes I'll write in German and sometimes in English, because I'm not really good on it /D

But for now it is :D
Best wishes